Ben Thomas | Mid 2015Angus Varney | Grit scooter- About timeGrit Battle BarsJake Clark | Welcome to Grit ScootersBen Thomas | Chillin at the LocalTremor GromFLUXX DIRTGrit Invader SCSGrit EliteGrit InvaderInvader 125Grit TremorGrit FluxxBen Thomas | Welcome To Grit ScootersAngus Varney & Hayden Penglase Grit ATS ScootersAngus Varney Quick ReleaseGrit All Terrain ScooterMaddie Swaino | 2014 Grit InvaderLaura Amelung Welcome to Grit ScootersJames Morgan Welcome to Grit ScootersPerry and Taylor Clips – Grit Scooters AUSTaylor Cooper Grit Scooters AUSGrit GromsGrit A/TStreet video
Ben Thomas | Mid 2015
Angus Varney | Grit scooter- About time
Grit Battle Bars
Jake Clark | Welcome to Grit Scooters
Ben Thomas | Chillin at the Local
Tremor Grom
Grit Invader SCS
Grit Elite
Grit Invader
Invader 125
Grit Tremor
Grit Fluxx
Ben Thomas | Welcome To Grit Scooters
Angus Varney & Hayden Penglase Grit ATS Scooters
Angus Varney Quick Release
Grit All Terrain Scooter
Maddie Swaino | 2014 Grit Invader
Laura Amelung Welcome to Grit Scooters
James Morgan Welcome to Grit Scooters
Perry and Taylor Clips – Grit Scooters AUS
Taylor Cooper Grit Scooters AUS
Grit Groms
Grit A/T
Street video